Purrfect Portraiture: Girls and Their Cats by Photographer BriAnne Wills


In her popular Girls and Their Cats series, BriAnne Wills documents women and their furry companions. The Brooklyn-based fashion photographer has captured over 200 women — and their rescued or adopted cats — in their homes in New York City and Portland, with upcoming shoots in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The photos, accompanied by anecdotes from each woman, are intimate and stylish portraits celebrating the bond between human and feline. Here’s a glimpse of this lovely photo project.

Nurse and birth doula Yael Borensztein with her cat Phoebe (and her brother’s Devon Rex).

I don’t know if it’s because I work with pregnancy and birth, but I like to say that I gave birth to her from my own body, and I do stand by the fact that, in certain moments, I see a family resemblance.

— Yael Borensztein, East Village, NYC

Vanessa Nemec of Girlfriend Toast

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Dragon Ball Super Fiery Red Goku


Dragon Ball Super has started the tournament of power. Since then we have received a new trailer showing Freeza as now part of the official team and a new poster. Much like the opening it teases a new transformation as we see Goku with his back turn midway through transformation. Check it out


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